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Why is George Bullard and the Columbia Metro Baptist Association Hosting These Retreats?

We want to share with colleagues in Christian ministry George's insights from 40 years of working as a third-party consultant, coach, teacher, and writer for congregations throughout North America in 50 denominations. Our desire is to enhance the learning of these colleagues to increase their effectiveness in serving congregations. We humbly hope we have concepts and strategies to share that will contribute to the journey of people committed to the vitality and vibrancy of congregations.


Who Can Benefits from These Retreats?

Third-party providers such as consultants, coaches, peer learning community facilitators, interim pastors, and others can enhance their ability to come alongside congregations and help them achieve their full Kingdom potential which George calls FaithSoaring.

Pastors and staff members of congregations can enhance their ability to see clearly the capacity of their congregation to achieve long-term vitality and vibrancy, and how they can provide appropriate leadership.

What Are the Anticipated Benefits?

The General Information section lists specific benefits HERE. Beyond these the anticipated benefits focus on accelerating the learning of participants so that in their practice of ministry they may soar beyond the learning dimension George has achieved in his 40 years of serving as a third-party provider to congregations [and denominations]. It would please George greatly if the ministry of many participants went well beyond what he has been able to achieve during his ministry. Christian ministry deserves our very best.

What are George's Qualifications to Lead These Retreats?

George has been working in local congregational ministry for more than 50 years beginning when at age 15 he began helping his parents plant new congregations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. During college he held positions as a church music director, and in seminary was associate pastor then pastor of an inner city congregation. At age 26 he was asked by his denomination to serve as a full-time consultant to congregations in racially and ethnically transitional communities in the Baltimore and Washington area.

This began 30 years in denominational staff roles which always included major consultation and coaching responsibilities with congregations and denominational organizations. The past ten years he has spent in full time congregational and denominational consulting, coaching, teaching, and writing.

He has trained over 700 people in various areas of consulting and coaching with congregations and denominational organizations, has provided consulting or coaching services to more than 500 congregations and 200 denominational organizations, and written more than 1000 articles and short eBooks on this discipline and four full length trade books.

His books are Shaping a Future for the Church in the Changing Community [with Jere Allen], Pursuing the Full Kingdom Potential of Your CongregationEvery Congregation Needs a Little Conflict, FaithSoaring Churches and Captured By Vision.

Will I Learn How to Build a Consulting and/or Coaching Business During This Retreat?

This is not a primary agenda item for this particular retreat. We want to stay primarily focused on what makes a difference in the ability of congregations to soar with faith and to sustain their soaring. However, it is inevitable that this will come up as an item of dialogue since several people have already asked about it. We would prefer that this question be part of male conversations rather than a primary agenda item. George is glad to share in individual conversations what he has learned over 40 years of having a consultation and coaching practice.