What is a FaithSoaring Church?


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FaithSoaring Churches are congregations who effectively soar with faith to achieve exceptional ministry.

FaithSoaring Churches are congregations who boldly and effectively soar with faith into a future known only by God where they have never gone before, and which they cannot see at the beginning of their journey.

In greater detail, FaithSoaring Churches are congregations who effectively soar with faith beyond ordinary ministry toward extraordinary ministry in a quest to achieve exceptional ministry. They respond to the pulling of God. They journey to places of inspiration, imagination, and innovation. They progress through processes of spiritual formation and missional engagement. They continually transform their capacity to reach their full kingdom potential.

They are willing to go to the end of all known light or revelation and leap into the darkness because they know God has gone before them. Leaps of faith and extraordinary commitments are commonplace for FaithSoaring Churches. They boldly journey into the future as God reveals the pathway of their journey.

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 Learn in Three Days a Process to Transform Your Congregation

3.daysIt does not matter what “RE” word works for you—revitalize, renew, re-envision, reinvent, redevelop restart, replant, resurrect—there is a three-day “retreat” you ought to attend.

It is called a Congregational Champions Retreat. (For more information go to www.CongregtionalChampions.info.)

It is for senior or solo pastors, church staff persons, key lay leaders, denominational staff leaders, consultants, coaches, stewardship and capital campaign consultants, college and seminary professor who teach church growth and church leadership, and a host of other categories of people.

These retreats are led by George Bullard who has engaged in research, consulting, coaching, writing, speaking, and training on congregational transformation for more than 40 years. He wants to share with you what he has learned will work, will not work, and a process to achieve it.

His work with congregations includes thousands. His advising of denominational organizations about congregational transformation includes hundreds. His training of consultants and coaches over the past five decades also numbers in the thousands.

George likes to do this in small groups. Over the past 13 months he has led 13 retreats involving 130 people. Now he is announcing a new round of retreats for the fall of 2017. All these “retreats” will be held at the Columbia Metro Baptist Association office in Columbia, South Carolina.

The “retreats” start at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and end at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday. The dates for this fall are,

  • October 24th-26th
  • October 31st-November 2nd
  • December 5th-7th

For more information go to www.CongregtionalChampions.info. Or call George directly at 803.622.0923 or e-mail him at BullardJournal@gmail.com, and he would be glad to answer your questions.

To register go to https://goo.gl/forms/9maMJs0aer84f10V2.

Can you really learn how to transform your congregation in three days? Absolutely you can learn the process and receive handouts you can use with your congregation. Then, you and George will work together to assess what additional process assistance you need or want following the retreat.

Today I Honor the Missionary Man--Dr. David Emmanuel Goatley of Lott Carey

David Goatley 02The fall edition of the Lott Carey Herald of the Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention honors the 20th anniversary of their executive director-treasurer Dr. David Emmanuel Goatley.

Download 2017-8 Lott Carey Herald Web Edition

I have known David for these 20 years, and consider him a close friend, great colleague, and Christian ministry soulmate in the cause of Christ. We have been together many times in Washington, DC, and have also met with many others throughout North America and in Europe. Africa, Asia, and South America in gatherings of Baptists seeking to expand and extend the fulfillment of the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment. I know of no greater leader among us as Baptists.

He thinks and acts creatively to be part of God's empowerment of effective Christian missional engagement. He is often my counsel when I seek to understand and act prophetically in multi-cultural situations. He is a true friend.

Thank you, David, for your faithful, effective, and innovative service to God's Kingdom.

Focus on the Essentials: The Dilemma

Fit SpinnerLooking at myself in a mirror, seeking to show conviction, and in the spirit of the times attempting to self-coach, I admonish my image, “George, remember today and every day to focus on the essentials.”

If your brain—like mine—seems to function like a fast-moving fidget spinner . . . excuse me, an e-mail just came in from someone who wants to purchase 12 copies of my latest book and I will have to get back to you later.

Let’s see. Where were we? Oh, yes, I remember.

If your brain—like mine—seems to function like a fast-moving fidget spinner . . . oops, my telephone alarm just went off reminding me of something I agreed to do.

Two hours later I am back.

If your brain—like mine—seems to function like a fast-moving fidget spinner . . . wait, I just heard the postman go by. I want to go check the mail.

Okay, let’s try again. While checking the mail, my wife reminded me of something I said I would do, so I took care of it first. Let’s try one more time.

If your brain—like mine—seems to function like a fast-moving fidget spinner, it is hard to stay focused on anything for very long, and the list of things on which you try to focus at any given time are voluminous.

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The Four Phases of George’s Ministry Legacy Season

Legacy Word 01In the fall of 2016 George entered what he calls his Ministry Legacy Season. He committed to a minimum of a four-year season. His Ministry Legacy Season has four aspects to it.

Information Phase: This phase seeks to share information that can be valuable in many congregational settings. George does this through a virtual learning community known as the FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community. Information is available at www.ConnectwithFSCLC.info. This learning community offers Thursday Dialogues with guest resource persons which are audio recorded and these recordings are shared with everyone in the learning community. Members can even listen live to the dialogue and ask questions at the end of the audio recording session. Also, articles are shared on the subjects covered during the Thursday Dialogues, and on other subjects about congregational vitality and vibrancy. Additional benefits are provided from time-to-time.

The information phase and its FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community is open to anyone who chooses to connect. Go to www.ConnectwithFSCLC.info to connect.

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