The Four Phases of George’s Ministry Legacy Season

Legacy Word 01In the fall of 2016 George entered what he calls his Ministry Legacy Season. He committed to a minimum of a four-year season. His Ministry Legacy Season has four aspects to it.

Information Phase: This phase seeks to share information that can be valuable in many congregational settings. George does this through a virtual learning community known as the FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community. Information is available at This learning community offers Thursday Dialogues with guest resource persons which are audio recorded and these recordings are shared with everyone in the learning community. Members can even listen live to the dialogue and ask questions at the end of the audio recording session. Also, articles are shared on the subjects covered during the Thursday Dialogues, and on other subjects about congregational vitality and vibrancy. Additional benefits are provided from time-to-time.

The information phase and its FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community is open to anyone who chooses to connect. Go to to connect.

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Clergy Credentialing for a Missional Movement


What is the impact of the process of clergy credentialing on the vitality and vibrancy of a missional movement within a denomination? In a word—significant.

The more centralized, professionalized, formalized, and lengthy the clergy credentialing process is within a denominational family, the less vital and vibrant is the missional movement of that denomination. This has a negative impact on the numerical growth of the denomination.

The more localized, experience-based, informal, and abbreviated the clergy credentialing process is within a denominational family, the more vital and vibrant is the missional movement of that denomination. This has a positive impact on the numerical growth of the denomination.

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Ministry Legacy Season Insights from George Bullard at

InsightDuring the four-plus years of George’s Ministry Legacy Season he will from time-to-time offer insights developed over 50-plus years of ministry. His local church ministry leadership and involvement began during his teenage years, and actively continues in his sixth decade of ministry.

These insights come from multiple sources and many years of research, observation, and engagement with congregations. Like his mentor—Lyle Schaller—George cannot always tell you exactly where he acquired these insights. At times he can remember a book or books, a presentation by one or more experts, or observations of multiple congregations. At other times they represent discernments, conclusions, and a synergy of various observations and practices.

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Congregational Champions Retreat 003 Took the Dialogue to a New Depth

Bullard Retreat Photo 2September 27th-29th was the third Congregational Champions Retreat. This is the second one in the home of George and Betty Bullard in Columbia, SC. Five people were present for this retreat. Each retreat is five to eight people who are either local congregational ministers or third-party providers to congregations. 

Through the first three we have had 20 people. The reason for the small numbers in each retreat is for greater in-depth conversation--and so they will fit around our dining room table for in-depth  conversation. We are able to take almost unlimited questions from the participants.

George says, "It is a pleasure to share my 40 years of experience of coming alongside congregations to help them reach their full Kingdom potential."

Four more retreats will be held this fall, and dates for 2017 have been opened. The next retreat is October 11th-13th. See Check out the web site and come join us for three days of inspiring, informative conversation. 

Congregational Champions Retreat 002 Was a Great Time of Dialogue

CCR002 GroupThe second of seven Congregational Champions Retreats to be held this fall finished on Thursday, September 15th. Here are the seven participants plus me from five denominations, and five states plus Canada. It was extremely enjoyable to have them in our home. We had some great dialogue. We ran out of time, so I will seek to adjust the content so we are not rushed, and are able to complete the agenda.

The goal is to download what I have learned about helping congregations become vital and vibrant, and journey in the direction of their full Kingdom potential. It is not that what I have learned is perfect, the best, or the only good approach to serving as a third-party provider to congregations. It is that over 40 years I have learned many things, had many insights, and thought long-term about the spiritual and strategic approaches that make a significant different in the ability of congregations to soar with faith.

I do not want to hoard this knowledge. I want to share it to accelerate the learning of others, and so they might go farther than I have in increasing the faithfulness, effectiveness, and innovation of congregations. Would you like to be one of these? Would you like to meet with me in our home? [You will lodge elsewhere.] If so, go to for more information, or contact me at