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For your congregation to effectively move forward, how many spiritual and strategic priorities should you have? Three? Five? Seven? How many priorities are too few? How many are too many?

Did you know the word priority only existed in a singular form for the first five hundred years after it came into common use? It was primarily after World War II that it was expressed in a plural form and became priorities? If that is the case then the correct answer to how many spiritual and strategic priorities a congregation should have is one.

If you could only have one priority as a congregation, what should it be?

  • To reach people for a Christ-centered, faith-based spiritual journey?
  • To pay off the debt for your buildings?
  • To connect the unchurched with your church for Christian discipleship?
  • To grow you church bigger?
  • To make disciples of Christ who make disciples of Christ?
  • To make sure your church exists until you die?
  • To call a pastor who will bring vision that your church can follow?
  • To reach young adult families with children?
  • To fill up your sanctuary with worshipers?
  • To care for the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of your members?

If you could choose only one, which one would you choose? Which one is a worthy priority that fits your congregation and honors our God?

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How Do Economics Impact Churches in Your Ministry Area?

NUCLEARTOWN 64796-2I hope we all know that economic situations, and patterns of both increased and lessening prosperity significant impact the opportunities and challenges congregations and our overall Christian witness face on a regular basis. In the association I serve--Columbia Metro Baptist Association--we have not only the very urban metropolitan county of Richland, but also a county to the north--Fairfield--which has risen and fallen based on various economic projects that prosper for a while and then disappear.

The most notable in the past 30 years was a Mack truck plant that opened and then closed 15 or so years later. It promised great prosperity, but left bankruptcy for those who misunderstood the fragile nature and risk of this economic opportunity. 

How do we help churches, their leaders, and their layperson in various businesses to cope with the hope and despair of fleeting economic opportunities and challenges?

The current situation about a nuclear facility in the county is current bringing hope, but signs are pointing to possible disappointment in the near future. Read this article to discover why: http://www.thestate.com/news/local/article160291039.html.

Captured By Vision Insight 101 to Empower Your Congregation

Captured By Vision Final Cover  01.17.17Vision Insight 101: When the first century church at Jerusalem lost vision and slowed missional action, it invented the holy huddle. Now many congregations follow their example and hoard the Good News.

The biggest vision killer is when congregations lose vision and huddle. They fear failing more than being open to joyously fulfilling God’s empowering vision for them. They focus more on taking care of one another than they do on caring for those most in need of a Christ-centered, faith-based relationship in their lives.

Out of guilt, obedience, or a sense of duty they engage in what I call “detached” missional engagement. It is detached from the full ministry of the congregation. They do not expect to be sitting next to the people to whom they minister during the week when they worship on Sunday.

This is missional engagement where congregations perform a ministry service either to or at people they never see otherwise. There is no attempt at holistic ministry that deals with physical, social, and emotional needs as well as spiritual needs.

Congregations gathered in holy huddle have difficulty ever seeing Jesus as the embodiment of God’s empowering vision for them. They age, slowly decline, and at some point become dysfunctional. They hoard good news rather than sow the Good News.

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Bill Shiell Endorses Captured By Vision--George's Newest Book

Bill ShieldGeorge Bullard understands that vision must be caught not coerced. In this book, he demonstrates how pastors and church leaders can receive a vision from God and empower their congregations to move forward in today’s present realities. With profound insight drawn from years of real-life experience as a consultant, coach, and colleague, Bullard fills an important void missing in most congregational leadership books and offers wisdom for the renewal of the church. 

--William D. “Bill” Shiell, President, Northern Seminary, www.Seminary.edu.

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Captured By Vision Insight 100 to Empower Your Congregation

Captured By Vision Final Cover  01.17.17Vision Insight 100: Vision is more about transformation of the prodigals than honoring the elders among us.

Congregational vision is more about creating a congregation not only in tune with God’s leadership, but with a structure and style that will connect with the next generation of leaders. With deep and abiding appreciation for the older people in a congregation, we must realize vision is more about captivating the imagination of the younger generations.

Some younger generation people are prodigals in the sense that they may still be going through their 20-somethings spiritual wanderings. Reconnecting with church is still a future agenda for them. In many cases, it is this Millennial generation who are the crucial clients for the new congregational vision. They want to be part of a cause that both speaks to their need for community while simultaneously changing the world.

If the older generations cannot let go enough, then they may kill vision. If they refuse to let God’s new empowering vision for the emerging generations develop, they will eventually kill the congregation.

The book of 101 insight--Captured By Vision--is now live on Amazon.com. Click HERE to see and purchase it.