Is Our Congregation Ready Yet?

Are You Ready“We’re fixin’ to get ready to commence to begin to start to do something—maybe,” says Dave with a note of irritation in his voice when Pastor Marty Williams comes into the classroom and innocently asks, “What are you doing?”

Dave is setting up tables and laying out folders full of material for everyone he expects to attend a Vision Team huddle.

Pastor Williams agreed to form the Vision Team because Dave Oldham pressured him to do so, but he is just not sure the congregation is ready yet for transition and change.

Dave is a long-term member of the congregation, is now in his seventies, is chairperson of the board, and angry the pastor is not providing better leadership.

“Pastor, I am going to do something even if it kills me! Even if it kills you,” declares Dave shaking his finger in the pastor’s face. “We cannot keep going like we have been doing since you came as pastor.

“I know it is not your fault. We were like this when you came to Greenville three years ago. You have just not done enough since you came to turn the church around.”

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Test the Inventory: Seven Radical Questions Your Congregation Must Answer

RadicalWould You Be Willing to Help Test a new Inventory on congregational readiness? [See Below]
The biggest challenge for congregations about getting from here to vision is their lack of readiness for God's empowering vision, and the transformation new vision will bring forth. Because congregations desire to go from being at rest to being fully captured by new vision through one powerful, short-term step, they fail to understand what it really takes. It must be radical!
Congregations want instant vision, but that does not typically happen. They want their senior or solo pastor to magically inspire them about a new vision, whether or not it is from God. They want the next great program offered by their denomination, or a parachurch group, or a vision that has worked for a mega church nearby or far away.
It is just not that easy. From my years of experience, I found there are seven readiness factors congregations must address before efforts at discerning God's empowering vision will be successful and lasting. That is, short of God's "Triple D" which I say is the direct, dramatic, divine intervention of God.
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