Insight 004: FaithSoaring Churches Have Leaders Who Know Their Own Mission in Life
Insight 006: FaithSoaring Churches Have a Deep Commitment to Disciplemaking

Insight 005: FaithSoaring Churches Increase the Expectations of People Connected with Their Congregation

FaithSoaring Churches 100CLRMany congregations who need to transform are afraid of losing members, and thus lower expectations of members so they will not feel any pressure to leave. Others push the commitment button and say if members are faithful they will attend more and give more money.

Both approaches are wrong.

What works is the belief that a Christian congregational community is the best Christ-centered, faith-based form for seeking a deeper relationship with the Triune God that brings joy and exhilaration. With this spiritual focus it is effective to increase expectations of people to engage in spiritual formation and missional engagement.