Captured By Vision Insight 092 to Empower Your Congregation
Captured By Vision Insight 093 to Empower Your Congregation

Bob Dale Endorses Captured By Vision -- George's Newest Book

Bob Dale“We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two,” says the Farmers Insurance commercial. Captured by Vision is a wise companion for church leaders because George Bullard has seen 101 things about congregational vision firsthand.

George’s vast experience takes readers on a grand pilgrimage into how vision is found and followed. Some of George’s insights are surprises, some are counter-intuitive, but all feed leaders’ spirits. There are too many guidelines to master quickly, so let Captured by Vision soak in slowly and deeply. It will open your eyes and heart to God’s future for your church.

---Robert “Bob” Dale, Prolific Writer and Wise Teacher

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