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View from the Pew: Church of the Redeemer, Deerfield, IL

Church of the Redeemer  Deerfield  ILAttended worship this morning at the Church of the Redeemer meeting temporarily at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL. They celebrated both baptism and communion. On this Pentecost Sunday I agreed with much of the content and theology during worship, and heard an excellent message from the pastor. My theology would differ once they got to the baptism and the eucharist. Still, it was very worshipful.
For those who believe Millennials only want contemporary or emergent worship, the percentage of young adults with young children present in the worship today was amazing!
It was interesting to see on their web site at that Scot McKnight of Northern Seminary in the Chicago areas was their worship preacher during this past May.
This congregation is part of the Anglican Church in North America [ACNA] that was formed in 2009 from various parishes and dioceses who already had or who desired to move away from the Episcopal Church in America and the Anglican Church of Canada. The now number around 1000 parishes with over 100,000 members.Their parishes are in the USA, Canada, a few in Mexico, and a missionary presence in Cuba.
It is an interesting coalition of Anglo-Catholic, charismatic, and evangelical theological expressions. Non-celibate homosexual relationships are opposed by ACNA. There are variations among the dioceses as to what roles women can play as ordained clergy. They tend to be pro-life about abortion and euthanasia. They have a deep relationship with the Anglican Church in Rwanda, and its bishop.
Throughout the years in some of my consulting I have worked with the Anglican Mission in America and the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh who are both founding members of the ACNA.