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Songwriter Sees ‘Good News’ in Declining Role of Church Music [Baptist New Global]

Kyle MatthewsHere is an article posted by Baptist News Global, and written by Jeff Brumley, about the appearance of Kyle Matthews during a Thursday Dialogue of the FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community. Kyle was addressing a response to a Gallup survey that suggested music is a low priority in worship for many attendees. See the full article HERE.

Some people were surprised — and worried — to learn from an April poll that sermons are a much stronger draw to church attendance than music.

And it was worse than that for music lovers. The Gallup survey presented a list of motivations Americans give for going to worship, and music was solidly in last place.

But with a month to reflect on the discovery, Christian musician, songwriter and minister Kyle Matthews is not worried.

Far from it. “I think it might be good news,”