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Churches Urged to Drop Millennials in Favor of Newly Identified ‘Generation’ [Baptist News Global]

Senior ServersHere is an article posted by Baptist News Global, and written by Jeff Brumley, about Perennials--which is a concept I wrote about earlier and brought to their attention. I glad they recognized the value in it. What do you think about the concept?

BNG article is found HEREMy original article is found HERE

Who are the Perennials in your congregation? What role should they play in helping you connect with people of various generations?

The BNG article begins as follows: "Churches, businesses and media outlets fixated on Millennials may want to widen their focus on a newly identified group: Perennials. The term was coined last year by a California blogger Gina Pell, who was tired of being stereotyped by her generational grouping. Characteristics commonly used to label Millennials in reality are shared by individuals across generations.

When church and clergy consultant George Bullard heard of Pell’s term, it clicked with what he had been seeing among some struggling congregations for years: an unhealthy fixation on Millennials and an almost blind, and very frustrating, campaign to lure that generational cohort to church. It’s why Bullard and other church consultants have long urged their clients to follow a famous adage: don’t put all your eggs in one basket."