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Test the Inventory: Seven Radical Questions Your Congregation Must Answer

RadicalWould You Be Willing to Help Test a new Inventory on congregational readiness? [See Below]
The biggest challenge for congregations about getting from here to vision is their lack of readiness for God's empowering vision, and the transformation new vision will bring forth. Because congregations desire to go from being at rest to being fully captured by new vision through one powerful, short-term step, they fail to understand what it really takes. It must be radical!
Congregations want instant vision, but that does not typically happen. They want their senior or solo pastor to magically inspire them about a new vision, whether or not it is from God. They want the next great program offered by their denomination, or a parachurch group, or a vision that has worked for a mega church nearby or far away.
It is just not that easy. From my years of experience, I found there are seven readiness factors congregations must address before efforts at discerning God's empowering vision will be successful and lasting. That is, short of God's "Triple D" which I say is the direct, dramatic, divine intervention of God.
[Continue reading to see the seven readiness factors and to get the inventory.]
The seven readiness factors are Urgency Readiness, Spiritual
, Vision Readiness, Leadership Readiness, Strategic Readiness, Cultural Readiness, and Resource Readiness. These seven readiness factors are not just "business-as-usual" factors placed in categories for clarity. They are intended to be leading indicators of the how radical a congregation is willing to act in response to God's leading.
Readiness that is only incremental and continuous with past patterns is often too little readiness. Ready for ChangeReadiness that is significant and discontinuous regarding past patterns may in some situations be enough.
However, for congregations to experience significant transition and change, they must have the willingness to be radical about their future, and to engage in transition and change that could lead to transformation in response to God's empowering vision.
Help Test a New Inventory
I have put together a draft inventory that includes the seven radical questions congregations must answer, and a couple of paragraphs explaining each readiness factor.

I am looking for people willing to receive the inventory, use it with at least one congregation, and return to me the scores of the congregation[s] plus their personal observations about both the inventory and the readiness of the congregation[s].

I only want to share the inventory with people really serious about testing it, and not just seeking a copy of the seven radical questions. The questions will be publicly released later to everyone. Testing is first.

Therefore, I am asking you to invest $9.00 in the inventory. If you would be willing to test the inventory with at least one congregation during the month of April, click HERE, pay $9.00, and I will send you the inventory and reporting sheet.

Benefits to You

[1] You get the inventory before anyone else. 
[2] You get to see how congregations react to it. 
[3] Your results are compared to other people testing the inventory and shared back with you. 
[4] You get updates on the inventory and a summary evaluation as to how the inventory performs. 
[5] You get invited to participate in any telephone conference call dialogues we put together on this. 
[6] Your name will appear in the book on congregational readiness that I am writing that acknowledges your help. 
[7] You get the satisfaction you are helping congregations be more vital and vibrant.
[8] If you are not a member of the FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community we will sign you up for April and May to try it out for free.
Again, click HERE to pay $9.00 and participate.

People who have participated in a Congregational Champions Retreat with George between last August through this March were already sent the inventory and DO NOT need to pay to participate.