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Forget Millennials. Embrace Perennials!

Perennial People[Picture from Gina Pell's post at]

How often do you hear people in your congregation say one of more of the following things?

We’ve just got to reach some young adult families with children. I walk down the preschool hall every week and I’m embarrassed with how few children I see.

We do not seem to be able to connect with the Millennials, and we must find a way.

I am in a panic. We lost our youth minister again. We better find someone quick, or we will lose all the teenagers and their parents, and will face starting over again.

We are declining in membership and attendance. We have to reach younger people or we will close.

My children and grandchildren just left our church to pursue a more contemporary church with more exciting ministry for children and youth.

This group known as Millennials do not seem to be interested in congregations with the quality of music and preaching we have. They want more of a rock concert with no rules and no discipline.

Congregations are obsessed with the birth generation known as Millennials, and are not quite sure how to connect with them. I wonder, however, if they truly understand Millennials, have poor stereotypes about them, and actually need to look at a different target group of people who may be right in their midst.

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