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Ten Qualities Found in Congregations Who Appeal to Millennials


Download Bullard 10 Qualities in Congs Who Appeal to Millennials 03.15.17

Frank Powell wrote an article posted to entitled 10 Things You Won’t Find in a Church That Attracts Millennials. It is subtitled What differentiates a church culture that attracts Millennials from one that repels them?” Read his blog and learn about him at

This is a really big issue for thousands of congregations. I took Frank’s ten points which are written in the negative, and turned them around as positive issues for congregations to address to become appealing to Millennials. I urge you to read Frank’s work in addition to reading my spin on them. I placed them in my own spiritual and strategic framework.

Here we go. These are the ten qualities in congregations that appeal to Millennials. Read and ponder each one of these. Then rate your congregation on each one using a scale of one to ten. One means your congregation is nothing like this. Ten means you congregation is exactly like this. Numbers two to nine can be used to say how little or how much your congregation is like this. Be honest about where along the scale your congregation is today.

Here is the inventory of 10 qualities: Download Bullard 10 Qualities in Congs Who Appeal to Millennials 03.15.17