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Laying a Strong Foundation for Congregational Transformation

Mill Field RoadWhere I live in a northeast suburb of Columbia, SC is geologically known as the sand hills side of town. A mile up the road from my house is an urban village called the Village of Sandhill that has been developed over the past 15 years as a mixed-use residential and commercial space like ones built in many locations throughout North America. It is where my wife and I go for much of our shopping, dining, and movies.

Nearer to my house is a cut through road called Mill Field Road. It is only a half mile long, is narrow, and has a suggested speed limit of 25 miles per hour that is routinely ignored. This road is a bunch of asphalt laid on top of sand, and called a road. It even has a state government designation as State Road S-40-2041.

The foundation or road bed for Mill Field Road was poorly engineered and constructed. Because it is a low priority road it also does not have a drainage system. When it rains it floods. What seems like monthly I drive around road crews and their trucks who are filling in potholes with loose asphalt as if the patching of the holes is going to solve the problem. It simply has a bad foundation.

Many congregation more than one generation old are built on a sand foundation instead of rock. So, they have a bad foundation. When their founding vision wanes, they start patching up their congregation with various quick fixes that quickly become pot holes once again.

Congregational transformation begins with a firm foundation or readiness to respond to the new thing God is in the process of doing in your congregation. It is solution-based and not fixed-based. While Mill Field Road is a low priority road, your congregation is a high priority to God. The call of God upon your congregation deserves the building of a strong foundation for a spiritual and strategic journey that is transformational.