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Excellence in Hospitality! Secrets of a Secret Shopper

Secrets of a Secret Shopper CoverGreg Atkinson is one of those folks who actually knows what he is talking about. He has been in hundreds of congregations as a member, guest, and especially as a secret shopper. Out of those experiences he has written a book that is "ultimately about excellence and doing what you do well." (pp. 145-146 in Secrets of a Secret Shopper. As a person who is really big on congregational vision--see Captured by Vision: 101 Insights to Empower Your Congregation at Captured by Vision--I love the various references in the book to casting the vision in the manner in which hospitality is extended to guests.

Greg has been a secret shopper so many times that he has a whole list of "bones to pick," "soapboxes," and "pet peeves." He points these out in the book, but then tells you what to do about them. This is not a book of lists. It is a book that covers key topical areas around hospitality, provides examples of congregations, and references other writers who have made helpful statements.

Instead of a preacher for your next revival, a Bible teacher for your next congregational wide study, or the next music guest person or group, invite Greg Atkinson to come visit your congregation, but don't let anyone know he is coming! Then in addition to sharing the report he provides, buy a copy of this book for everyone in your congregation who works on hospitality issues. Or, just start right now by buying the book and absorbing it. You cannot go wrong!