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Captured By Vision Insight 029 to Empower Your Congregation

Captured By Vision Final Cover, 01.17.17Vision Insight 029: When pastors do not get vision easily, they may find some true visionaries among their congregation who do get it.

If we can get beyond the false idea that pastors bring vision, and all pastors are visionary leaders, we may be able to address vision from a healthier perspective. Since a key principle is that God is seeking to impart vision to the whole congregation, then many pastors need to listen and discern what God is saying to the congregation.

They need to identify people who are visionaries, then pray, dialogue, and plan with them. A wise pastor does not have to have all the answers, but can nurture and benefit from the various spiritual gifts present among people within the congregation

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Tom Bandy Endorses Captured By Vision--George's Newest Book

Tom BandyAn insightful book that keeps you focused and gives you hope. Vision is a team effort (not egocentric); arises from spiritual discernment (not brainstorming); results in spiritual vitality and mission (not bland statements and institutional survival). These insights and much more awaits your discovery in this practical book to help churches live into God’s future.

Among his uniquely useful insights, George reaches into his long experience to coach how churches renew vision over the years. And he identifies not only what helps you move forward, but what holds you back. This is an essential resource for congregational and regional leaders.

--Thomas G. “Tom” Bandy, 

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Does Your Congregation Intentionally Minister to Empty Nest Households?

KeepcalmitsonlyemptynestsyndromeIf your congregation has an intentional focus on households who are Empty Nester households, I am looking for you. This Thursday, March 2nd at 2:00 p.m. EST the FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community is hosting a recorded dialogue on this subject.
Do you have something to say that would enhance this dialogue, or provide a case study of this targeted ministry?
MIllions of households confront the Empty Nest Syndrome. Many handle it well. Others handle it poorly. Congregations tend to ignore it or misunderstand appropriate ministry.
Let me hear from you. Send me a private message on Facebook or an e-mail message to

Nearsighted Vision in Congregations 002

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Touch Points for Empty Nester Households [A follow up to a post from Thursday.]
The following are some of the touch points for ministry alongside Empty Nesters that congregations need to consider.
Empty Nesters . . .

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Captured By Vision Insight 028 to Empower Your Congregaton

Captured By Vision Final Cover, 01.17.17Vision Insight 028: Pastors and staff who feel entitled to their role with a particular congregation are not likely to empower vision.

Entitlement is dicey. Different things are seen in different situations as comprising entitlement. An entitlement mentality is more prolific than many people acknowledge.

Entitlement is present among both laypersons and clergy. When pastors and church staff persons develop an entitlement mentality about their role they defend it, fight for it, and resist any change in it.

If pastors and staff feel entitled to their job, and believe nothing can take it away from them, they have little urgency to help cast and fulfill passionate, empowering vision for the future of their congregation. Consequently, they suffer, the congregation suffers, and a small part of God’s Kingdom suffers.

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