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The Four Phases of George’s Ministry Legacy Season

Legacy Word 01In the fall of 2016 George entered what he calls his Ministry Legacy Season. He committed to a minimum of a four-year season. His Ministry Legacy Season has four aspects to it.

Information Phase: This phase seeks to share information that can be valuable in many congregational settings. George does this through a virtual learning community known as the FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community. Information is available at This learning community offers Thursday Dialogues with guest resource persons which are audio recorded and these recordings are shared with everyone in the learning community. Members can even listen live to the dialogue and ask questions at the end of the audio recording session. Also, articles are shared on the subjects covered during the Thursday Dialogues, and on other subjects about congregational vitality and vibrancy. Additional benefits are provided from time-to-time.

The information phase and its FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community is open to anyone who chooses to connect. Go to to connect.

Knowledge Phase: This phase moves on to explore new knowledge, plus sharing and testing existing knowledge about how to come alongside congregations and help them become more vital and vibrant. It has as a key component George’s desire to share, download, or “pay it forward” regarding his 40 years of experience serving as a third-party provider to congregations. This phase begins with a three-day retreat in George’s home or in other locations where hosts invite him to come and share. Information about these retreats may be found at

Those people who desire to champion the role of various Christian congregational expressions, and attend one of these retreats, are invited to be part of an ongoing Congregational Champions Learning Community which seeks to share information with all members to accelerate the learning of third-party providers, and to increase their effectiveness in serving congregations in a manner that empowers congregations to be more vital and vibrant.

The knowledge phase and the Congregational Champions Retreats are open to anyone who chooses to connect. It includes participation in the FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community. Go to to connect.

Wisdom Phase: This phase focuses around a by-invitation-only peer learning process known as the Master Congregational Champions Collaborative (MCCC). This is a two-year process for third-party providers to congregations who desire to accelerate and advance their ongoing learning in how to come alongside and serve as part of God’s empowerment of congregations to be more vital and vibrant. It involves advanced learning experiences, peer coaching and accountability, and evaluation of their ministry with congregations.

MCCC participants are also urged to coach other third-party providers, and are invited to participate in the leadership and facilitation of the FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community. Admission to the MCCC wisdom phase is by invitation only, and requires participation in a Congregational Champions Retreat as part of the evaluation for entrance into the MCCC process.

An option exists to pursue a doctor’s degree in transforming congregations from a partner seminary that is a fully accredited by The Association of Theological Schools. Such a degree has requirements that go beyond the MCCC process itself.

Mentoring Phase: This phase, also by-invitation-only, is where a small number of Congregational Champions are invited to form a leadership team to guide into the future the FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community, the Congregational Champions Retreats, and the Master Congregational Champions Collaborative. This phase is contingent on the demonstrated need to continue the Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom phases beyond the time of George’s leadership.