Insight 349: Become a FaithSoaring Church By Keep Moving Forward
Insight 350: Become a FaithSoaring Church By Addressing the Situation of Chreasters

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InsightDuring the four-plus years of George’s Ministry Legacy Season he will from time-to-time offer insights developed over 50-plus years of ministry. His local church ministry leadership and involvement began during his teenage years, and actively continues in his sixth decade of ministry.

These insights come from multiple sources and many years of research, observation, and engagement with congregations. Like his mentor—Lyle Schaller—George cannot always tell you exactly where he acquired these insights. At times he can remember a book or books, a presentation by one or more experts, or observations of multiple congregations. At other times they represent discernments, conclusions, and a synergy of various observations and practices.

George promises not to be reckless with these, but to keep them within a reasonable framework of believability. He will also continue to read, research, observe, and learn. Some of these insights could be revised or updated along the way.

Since these insights represent George’s unique work or the observation of the work of others with George’s framework, context, and experience added to them, George chooses to copyright these insights for inclusion in articles and books he writes.

As a reader of one or more insight, you are welcome to use the insights in your own ministry. If you provide them in written form, please share the copyright line, George’s name, and his e-mail address or blog URL. If you provide them orally, please reference George’s insight as the source.

Certainly the use of these insights by quoting them, or including them in articles and books is permitted with an appropriate footnote and/or bibliographic reference.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact George at All insights will be posted and updated on George’s blog at

Copyright 2016, Rev. George Bullard, D.Min.