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You Can Participate in Reconceptualizing the Congregational Life Cycle

Congregational Life Cycle ModelIf you want to participate, send me an e-mail at

For the first time in probably seven years, I am inspired to reconceptualize some of the concepts and patterns of the congregational life cycle. Do you want to help and add your ideas?

I have been working on and using the life cycle approach to discovering the launching point for the next phase of congregational life for the past 40 years.

In recent months, I have been working on how to use the concept of sabbatical and jubilee -- referring to the Old Testament thoughts around seven year and 50 year patterns. I have been teaching this in my fall Congregational Champions Retreats. [See information about this next round of retreats in 2017 at] 

Related to my final Congregational Champions retreat for the fall next week in Sarasota, FL with the national and regional revitalization staff of a denomination, they have asked me to look at how the life cycle speaks into new congregations and the habits and patterns they need to established during their first generation of life, as well as the implications for congregational redevelopment/transformation after their first generation of life.

I have some early ideas I would share with you if [1] you ask me to, and [2] if you commit to give me feedback on this work THIS WEEK! Any takers? Again, just ask me by sending an e-mail to