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Congregational Champions Retreat 003 Took the Dialogue to a New Depth

Bullard Retreat Photo 2September 27th-29th was the third Congregational Champions Retreat. This is the second one in the home of George and Betty Bullard in Columbia, SC. Five people were present for this retreat. Each retreat is five to eight people who are either local congregational ministers or third-party providers to congregations. 

Through the first three we have had 20 people. The reason for the small numbers in each retreat is for greater in-depth conversation--and so they will fit around our dining room table for in-depth  conversation. We are able to take almost unlimited questions from the participants.

George says, "It is a pleasure to share my 40 years of experience of coming alongside congregations to help them reach their full Kingdom potential."

Four more retreats will be held this fall, and dates for 2017 have been opened. The next retreat is October 11th-13th. See Check out the web site and come join us for three days of inspiring, informative conversation.