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Insight 244: Become a FaithSoaring Church By Big Picture Thinking

FaithSoaring Churches 100CLRCongregations seeking to transform begin their thinking with the big picture. They have an initial view of the macro picture of congregational life. They are able to think conceptually and in the future tense about their spiritual and strategic journey. They are able to conceive of things much beyond the perceptual and only in the past tense.

This means they can visualize what their congregation might be characterized by if they with faithfulness, effectiveness, and innovation live into the future God has for them. The reality is that likely less than 20 percent of the congregation can truly think like this.

Insight 243: Become a FaithSoaring Church By Wading Into Deep Water

FaithSoaring Churches 100CLRCongregations seeking to transform by resetting their focus and expectations stop walking around in shallow water, but wade deep in water. They move from a shallow cultural commitment to church to a deep commitment to the Triune God.  Instead of every time culture and Christ conflict, culture winning, they move to where increasingly Christ wins. Ultimately Christ always wins.

This is why for many congregations a reset is necessary. They were established as a cultural community who had a churched background, and perhaps even a Christ background. But somewhere along the way they went shallow. More in later posts

Insight 242: Become a FaithSoaring Church By Resetting Your Congregation

FaithSoaring Churches 100CLRCongregations seeking to transform may reach a place where they have the willingness to reset their congregation. In computer terminology they are willing to reformat their hard drive. [This is something you should never do with your computer unless an honest, knowledgeable, experienced technician tells you that is the best way forward.]

Resetting your congregation means to start over again. In another place I call this reinventing your congregation. Here I am referring to a process of resetting your focus and expectations of congregational participants, and moving to a covenant disciplemaking and missional engagement style. More in later posts!

Insight 241: Become a FaithSoaring Church By Distinguishing Christ and Culture

FaithSoaring Churches 100CLRCongregations seeking to transform reach a point where they must acknowledge the difference between their eternal faith relationship with the Triune God, and the culture in which they grew up, and how that culture is impacting their congregation. Congregations captivated by their culture will never transform or at least sustain what initially looks like transformation.

Transformation of a congregation is about doing a new thing, going in a different direction, and morphing into an organic movement of God that always chooses the Triune God over culture habits. Always! Congregations captivated by culture habits die.

Insight 240: Become a FaithSoaring Church By Projecting Spiritual Formation Identity

FaithSoaring Churches 100CLRCongregations seeking to transform are authentically and significantly involved in spiritual formation efforts that become known in their community and in the networks of their congregational members. They are seen as a congregation that takes their Christian life seriously. The people of their congregation are not seen as “holier-than-thou”, but genuinely caring people who are connected with the Triune God.

Community people often seek out this congregation to pray for their life concerns, and for the challenges of that face their community. In the midst of crises this congregation is seen as a place of spiritual hope and real life help.