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Mennonite Brethren Develop a Future Story of Ministry with George Bullard's Assistance

USMB Leaders PrayingFor approximately a year-and-one-half the US Conference of Mennonite Brethren utilized the services of George Bullard as a Strategic Leadership Coach to assist them in developing a Future Story of Ministry. This plan was approved unanimously by their Leadership Board at a recent meeting. [Leaders are praying at meeting in picture to the left.]

The details will be unveiled this summer at their every 2-year convention.

"It was exciting and fulfilling to help this denomination of approximately 200 congregations to rethink their identity and functioning for great Kingdom service", said Bullard.

The following was shared by Marv Schellenberg, vice-chair of the Leadership Board in an interview with the denominational publication called Christian Leader: 

Working with Bullard helped the Leadership Board discern several things regarding the national conference’s relationship with other ministries.  “George helped us see that we are involved in lots of things for a denomination our size,” says Schellenberg.

“So we will be focusing on less.” Narrowing the USMB ministry focus may prompt the Leadership Board to eliminate, reduce or hold steady funding for some Mennonite Brethren and inter-Mennonite ministries while other ministries may see an increase in USMB funding. The Future Story process also confirmed that USMB ministries often “function in silos,” says Schellenberg. 

“This was not new to us. But the process has helped us see value in working together more with the different entities.”

The full article can be seen HERE.