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Insight 091: Become a FaithSoaring Church By Displaying Great Wisdom

FaithSoaring Churches 100CLRCongregations who transform are not fooled by a quick fix mentality of the latest fad, promotion, popular speaker, or denominational promotion. Some of these may work for a while, but at some point the congregation will be right back where it started.

Actually it may be in a worse place. Since the quick fix worked for a while, they may focus on pushing harder on the quick fix and becoming blind to the need for deep change.

Great wisdom for congregations involves building a spiritual, discipleship, and motivational base that is long-lasting, and will not blow away in the wind.

Insight 090: Become a FaithSoaring Church By a Focus on People of Passion

FaithSoaring Churches 100CLRSpecial categories of leaders tend to empower the transformation of congregations. They are people with positive spiritual passion about the future of the congregation towards which God is leading it. People who are continually spiritually maturing and believe God is up to something great through their congregation.

People who think strategically rather than tactically, are innovative in methodology, and are willing to take a risk. Further, they are leaders who have great capacities and talents, and are able to inspire and motivate others toward the ultimate transformation of the congregation.

Congregations need a strong core of people in these categories.

Insight 089: Become a FaithSoaring Church By Becoming Comfortable with Evangelism

FaithSoaring Churches 100CLREvery congregation needs to figure out what evangelism means in their theological framework, cultural setting, denominational/non-denominational ethos, and in the vision God has for their congregation. Congregations who have not figured this out have little motivation to reach out beyond themselves to others with the spiritual formation of others as a high priority.

Too many congregations are trying to figure out if there is a true difference between evangelism, new member recruitment, and new member assimilation. Without knowing and acting on this distinction congregations focus on modest assimilation of those people who happen to wander into their congregation.

Insight 088: Become a FaithSoaring Church By Disorientation, Unlearning, and Relearning 

FaithSoaring Churches 100CLRFew congregations successfully transform unless they experience disorientation, unlearning, and relearning. Left to their preferred desires they will make small, incremental transitions and changes that do not positively impact the direction, effectiveness, and significance of their spiritual and strategic journey.

Disorientation takes people out of their comfort zone, their control zone, their cultural zone, and their life experience zone. Unlearning is what happens when their perspectives are challenged at a deep level. Relearning is the process of constructing a new framework and perspective on the world. It may start with missional engagement where they must cross barriers to share love.

Insight 087: Become a FaithSoaring Church By a Willingness to Do a Stop and Start Analysis

FaithSoaring Churches 100CLRCongregations who need to transform have a lot of baggage to carry along with them that they need to lay down. Some of this is an overcommitment to programs, ministries, and activities that may no longer serve them well. These may claim people, time, financial, material, and facilities resources needed for the transformation of the congregations.

Needed is a stop and start analysis or audit. This involves determining things congregations will decide to stop doing. Then congregations need to start doing things that empower their future vision, and dedicate what may be scarce resources to those things that bring new life.