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Christian Declaration on Caring for Refugees: What is Your Response?

GC2SummitThe GC2 Summit met this week at Wheaton College and shared their commitment to caring for refugees. They believe this is a crucial time to affirm a Christian commitment to the refugee, the foreigner, and the stranger.

Out of their gathering they issued a "Christian Declaration on Caring for Refugees". Click HERE to read it. They called their declaration "an evangelical response". Because they gathered at Wheaton College and because of the three sponsors, that is an obvious but perhaps unnecessary point to make. 

Refugees are an important ministry issue. Love, care, concern, and action regarding refugees should be greater than any one brand within Christianity. Their statement is open to others signing it. I have signed it. Read it and see if you can affirm this declaration. As I read the signers they are coming from a large diversity of North American Christians.

From the Atlantic Magazine: Can Hobby Lobby Buy the Bible?

If you are an interested learner about the Christian Bible, it origins, and its authenticity, you will be interested Hobby Lobby Biblein reading this article in the forthcoming January/February edition of The Atlantic magazine. It is already available online by clicking HERE.

I am personally a very interested learner, in general. At this specific time this article is particularly helpful as I am teaching a three to four week series in my church on the various versions of the Bible, how they were written, translated, and interpreted, and how that forms our doctrinal beliefs and points us to the living Word of God.

The Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby, are building a 430,000 square foot Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC that tells the story of the Christian Bible. It is scheduled to open the end of 2017. It will display their private collection of biblical artifacts numbering 40,000.

One of the things we are learning in our classes on the Bible is that every writer, translator, interpreter, and reader has a perspective about the Bible and its message. The Green family is no exception to this rule and will share their perspective through the museum. The article suggests it will be King James Version focused. That will be interesting, but of course subjective. All of us are subjective and need to acknowledge our personal perspective.

Is Sunday the Most Segmented Day of the Week?

With honor for and apologies to the legacy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, I would like to ask a different question People Segmentationthat the statement he made around 50 years ago about church, Sunday, and segregation. It is this:

Is Sunday the most segmented day of the week?

I am planning to write a blog post/article on this subject, but I want to inspire you to help me think about this. I am not valuing positively or negatively my question--at least at first--but only asking it. With all the marketing segmentation that has been part of the church growth movement, the church health movement, and the birth generation analyses, are we so segmenting the church that we have created disunity and chaos?

We say we believe in the family, but as soon as people enter the door of a church they are segmented by age and other demographic characteristics. Is this good?

In what ways do you see the church segmented internally or in terms of its attraction of new people, and in its community ministry focus? How is society segmented religiously both within Christianity and beyond?

Please me a comment to this brief post with you ideas. Or, send an e-mail message to

Is Congregational Vision Written Then Experienced or Experienced then Written?

Is a vision best when written or best when experienced? Yes, and it depends. But, let’s go deeper. Fountain Pen

Think about your dreams during your sleep last night. Yes, you dreamed, but you may or may not remember them. If you do remember did you dream in pictures or words? Did you interact with people or a script you were reading?

Of course your dreams were pictures, experiences and interactions. It was not a script you were reading. First you see pictures or something that is a metaphor for something else, often you interact with people in pleasant or unpleasant ways, but you are not reading a script.

Dreams and visions are cousins. When you imagine a vision is it words or a statement you are imagining? Or, is it an experience or a picture of a destination? Is it a metaphor of some type that represents your vision?

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Business Leaders Should Leave Their Ideas About Congregational Vision at the Office

Office Cubicles 02The vast majority of congregations have within their membership successful and insightful business leaders. They daily make a significant impact in the marketplace. Some are entrepreneurs who started their own businesses or assumed leadership of a family business they saw developing as they grew up in the home of an entrepreneur. Others have risen within the ranks of an already well-established business and learned proven organizational principles.

Regardless of their pathway, these business leaders can contribute much to their congregations. Congregations should make use of sound business principles in the way they develop their strategic journey. Too few actually do this.

Some do not do this because they believe business principles have no place in a congregation.

Others do not do this because the pastor, staff and influential key leaders are clueless about sound business principles. They do not realize that if their congregation was a for-profit business it would declare bankruptcy on a periodic basis in order to survive.

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