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Can You Survive the Invasion of a Mega Church?

Mega churchA Travel Free Learning Article

By George Bullard

If you are like many pastors, some Monday mornings can be very blue. Your sermon did not go as well as you had imagined. A widow complained to you after the worship service that you did not visit her in the hospital. She figures she is not as important to you as she thought. Perhaps she needs to change her will and not leave a chunk of her estate to the church.

It rained, was cold, and attendance was down which meant the offering was down. Both the mortgage payment and staff salaries must be paid before another Sunday. Three laypersons turned you down for leadership vacancies saying they did not have time or were not interested.

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Churches Say Using Consultant Strengthens Annual Stewardship Efforts

A Travel Free Learning Article

By Norman Jameson

It takes more than a tithing sermon from Malachi 3:10 to create an effective annual stewardship campaign in your church.

An effective effort requires a major time commitment to plan, enlist volunteers, establish committees, design materials, conduct meetings and prepare sermons. Ministers serious about issues larger than raising a budget – such as teaching stewardship and leading a congregation to grow in generosity – must do all of this while keeping all their other ministry plates spinning.

Brentwood UMC, TNTwo pastors of churches that recently conducted highly successful annual stewardship campaigns utilizing the resource development services of The Columbia Partnership confessed that they could not do it all.

Davis Chappell, pastor of the 8,000-member Brentwood United Methodist Church, realized he had “so many wheels turning” in his second year at the megachurch that “I really needed someone I could count on who could help us.”

“As a pastor, you say you can do that in addition to your other duties, but you cut corners,” Chappell said. “The more you have someone who can take some of that off you the more successful you’re going to be.”

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Virtual Assistants, Delegation, and Monkeys


A Travel Free Learning Article

By George Bullard

I have a virtual executive assistant. Her name is Misty. She lives 999 miles away from me. A virtual executive assistant management firm connected us. After observing us for several months, asked me to be a presenter on a webinar talking about delegation. This was fine as long as I could talk about more than delegation.

I talked about assignment, delegation, and collaboration. They are all related, but not the same thing. Since my life has been spent in Christian leadership, my knowledge about these work patterns is within this context. Monkeys are an essential part of this conversation. It is all about where the monkey is and what impact the monkey is having.

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Consensus in Congregations the Martin Luther King Jr. Way


A Travel Free Learning Article

By George Bullard

I love police, lawyer, and political dramas on television and the big screen. Not sure I always like the violence or murders, but I like how the drama is weaved together.

The West Wing, about the presidency of Jeb Bartlett, was a really big favorite. I loved the writing and acting. A few of its episodes are my favorite television shows of all times. I loved West Wing so much my daughter gave me the full collection of 154 segments for Christmas.

Among my favorite police dramas is Blue Bloods. However, it is still hard to look at Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan, the police commissioner, without thinking about Magnum, P.I. (At this point all Millennials can say, “What?” “Who?”.)

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Once Again the Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

SwordA Travel Free Learning Article

By George Bullard

I have a mighty pen I prefer over any other pen. I carry it with me always. When someone offers me a pen to sign a document or a payment slip, I pull out my mighty pen and sign it. I like the way my name looks on the paper. It is bold and clear. My name pulsates on the page when I write it with this pen.

I am careful signing my name. I am proud of my name and the family heritage it represents. I love my family and using the right pen to sign my name, and to declare my identity and heritage, is an important part of personhood for me.

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