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Should CVS Caremark be Praised or Confronted?

Travel Free Learning Article CVS Caremark

by George Bullard

CVS is my pharmacy of choice. I am in their store a couple of times per month. I have always been aware they sell tobacco products. Yet I hardly notice them since I have no interest.

Recently they announced that by October 2014 they would no longer sell tobacco products in their 7600 pharmacy stores. That works for me. They further announced they will launch this spring a smoking cessation campaign. Sounds good to me.

They claim it is because of their commitment to health care and they are positioning themselves as a part of the health care provider team. If you want to see their public announcement and a couple of short videos, go to

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February 9, 1964: The Day the Church Changed Never to Go Back Again

A Travel Free Learning Article

By George Bullard  Beatles 1964

Sunday, February 9, 2014 was the 50th anniversary of The Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. The British musical invasion hit its first quality live prime time that day.

It was also the day the Church in the United States changed never to go back again. The change in congregations is symbolized by the appearance of The Beatles. A lot changed around that day that congregations and denominations are still struggling to fully realize. We need to continue learning the lessons of that period.

The Year Before

1963 saw some significant events that impacted the culture of the United States. This was the year Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested in Birmingham, AL and wrote his famous letter from prison to Birmingham clergy. Later that year he delivered his I Have a Dream speech in Washington, DC before several hundred thousand people. Also, the last of a set of US Supreme Court cases were ruled on that eliminated Bible reading, prayer, and mandatory opening religious exercises from public schools.

The biggest event of 1963 was President Kennedy’s assassination on November 22nd. Interestingly that same day the Beatles second album was released entitled With the Beatles.

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