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February 2014

Why Do You Keep Asking God to Throw You a Hail Mary Pass?

A Travel Free Learning Article

By George Bullard

Some Christians treat God like an all-star National Football League quarterback such as Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Drew Brees. They have failed at some aspect in the game of life and ask God to throw them a Hail Mary pass that will allow them to win at life even though they have not played that well.

At times they Hail Mary Pass are like an NFL player sitting on the sidelines collecting the minimum salary which is now over $400,000 per year, but not practicing hard or performing well in the games. Yet at the end of the season when it looks like their team is going to lose again they beg the coach to put them in because they can catch that Hail Mary pass if the quarterback will only throw it.

In case you do not know what a Hail Mary pass is in football here is one perspective. A Hail Mary pass is a desperation pass thrown at a crucial time in a football game as the last chance for the team currently losing to score a touchdown and win the game. Usually it involves throwing a long pass that must be caught in the end zone because either it is a fourth down near the end of the game, or time is running out and this may be the last play of the game.

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Choose Ye This Day Diversity

A Travel Free Learning ArticleDiversity

By George Bullard

A strong, natural, cultural tendency among humankind—even those committed to loving all people—is to be in community with those considered to be “our kind of people”. The tendency is to swarm with people with whom there is the least diversity and the most harmony.

This tendency happens at the same time the altruistic and strategic desire is present to embrace a greater diversity. It happens even in congregations who desire more multi-racial diversity. [See the recent Baylor University study.]

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