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  • November 2014
    2: Spring Valley Baptist, Columbia, SC [Teach Bible Study, Go to Lunch with Class, Attend Deacons Meeting]. 6: FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community [ConfCall]. 9: SVBC [Deacon Ordination and Church Conference]. 10: SVBC [Stewardship]. 13: FSCLC [Webinar]. 16: SVBC [Teach Bible Study, Count Offering]. 16-19: Mennonite Brethren [Phoenix]. 20: FSCLC [ConfCall]. 23: SVBC [Teach Bible Study, Serve Lord's Supper]. 27-12/1: Thanksgiving with Family.

Prayer Requests

  • PRAY for the Ebola crisis. Keep in perspective that in spite of all the hype, the USA can handle the crisis in our land. Who most needs our prayers are the countries of West Africa--particularly Liberia. This disease is killing many people, disintegrating families, and severely disrupting the economic of Liberia. It will take many years to recover.
  • PRAY for Decatur First Baptist Church as it engages in a Spiritual Strategic Journey process. It has a great opportunity to transition and change in response to a dynamic contextual setting of downtown Decatur. Will they be up to challenge? Pray that it may be so!
  • PRAY for Shelby, NC, First Baptist Church as they craft their future story of ministry. May significant new vitality and vibrancy result from their efforts. They incremental decline has happen over many years, and they must take prophetic action to move forward.
  • PRAY for the work of the Baptist World Alliance led by Neville Callam, and its North American Baptist Fellowship that I lead, as we anticipate 2014 as a year that will significantly move forward our work among Baptists worldwide. Pray specifically for our NABF's 50th anniversary as celebrate the future of Baptist missional collaboration from the base of North America. The theme is FutureBaptists: A Collaborative Missional Movement.

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September 30, 2013


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