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  • George Bullard, President, The Columbia Partnership, 332 Valley Springs Road, Columbia, SC 29223-6934, Voice: 803.622.0923, E-mail:, TCP Web Site:, Blog:

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    • May/June 2014
      May 1: Exponential church planting conference in Orlando. 4: Online conference with Methodist congregation in Raleigh, NC. 15: Lunch Dialogue for in Charlotte. 22: Online conference with Methodist congregation in Ohio. June 3-5: Kansas to meet with Mennonite Brethren and others. 24-27: Atlanta for Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and other connections.

    Prayer Requests

    • PRAY for the year of preparation for, the fundraising for this effort, and the research and development actions of George Bullard. Pray for the various lunch dialogues being held in various locations.
    • PRAY for Shelby, NC, First Baptist Church as they craft their future story of ministry. May significant new vitality and vibrancy result from their efforts. They incremental decline has happen over many years, and they must take prophetic action to move forward.
    • PRAY for the new vision of The Columbia Partnership that seek to empower the transformation of 2100 congregations per year by the end of 2017. Pray that we may be able to connect with an increasing number of congregations who desire to reach their full Kingdom potential.
    • PRAY for the work of the Baptist World Alliance led by Neville Callam, and its North American Baptist Fellowship that I lead, as we anticipate 2014 as a year that will significantly move forward our work among Baptists worldwide. Pray specifically for our NABF's 50th anniversary as celebrate the future of Baptist missional collaboration from the base of North America. The theme is FutureBaptists: A Collaborative Missional Movement.

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